Sunday, November 30, 2008

In the past 10 days I have....

1. Cared for a little boy with over 85% of his body burned and who unfortunately died.
2. Operated on a woman who’s eye had been stabbed by the horn of a bull..
3. Operated on a man with a bowel obstruction, resulting in us draining over 6 liters of liquid from his stomach.
4. Circumcised a man suffering from Paraphimosis.
5. Spent 4 hours in the middle of the night operating on a 2 month old girl with a Perforated Umbilical Hernia and proudly closed the incision completely on my own.
6. Spent over 6 hours in the operating room doing 2 Hysterectomies.
7. Been awoken at midnight to run to the hospital to care for a stab wound victim with a knife entering one side of his shoulder and exiting the other.
8. Welcomed a screaming and healthy little boy into the world after performing an emergency C-Section on his mom very first thing in the morning.
9. Done two biopsies on two different potentially malignant tumors.
10. Read an ultrasound for a woman with malignant Polycystic Ovarian Cancer which has matastisized into her liver.
11. Learned how to do a Laryngoscopy, Bronchioscopy, Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy.
12. Sutured the head of a teacher who was beaten with a stick by a fellow teacher.
13. Run over 50 miles.
14. Read 3 books.
15. Never slept so soundly in my life.

In Short...Bush Africa... Exhaustion.



TaraB said...

You are so freaking hard core Allison!

Brenden said...

As per usual you never cease to amaze me miss rott... i'm so incredibly impressed with you and what you are doing there.

In short... Allison=amazing.... and i guess Allison=goose too but that is not what what we are talking about here. haha.